*Drum roll please* Yes, I am a Domino’s Pizza Mogul. For those who don’t know what that is, you can check it here

So basically the idea is that any pizza lovers can join in to create their own pizzas, promote them, and earn some percentages of profit when the pizzas are sold through Domino’s. Pretty simple hey? It’s quite a brilliant way of crowd sourcing I must say.

The story began when I stumbled upon a thing called Domino’s Pizza Mogul Challenge at my uni. Oh the chance to test marketing skills in the real world after hours of lectures filled with theories that bore me to tears, how could I walk away?

So with all the passion of a foodie slash marketing enthusiast slash creative student, Explosion Of Flavours Pizza Mogul was born. It is kinda like a hobby/startup hybrid *if there is such a thing that is*, a place where I put all marketing and communication knowledge from school into practice. It is the chance for me to practice social marketing management, developing promotional contents, liaising and so on. Long story short, it is my baby.

As Explosion Of Flavours Pizza Mogul , I create original pizzas with the motto – Pizzas can always be better! They can have fewer calories while still mouth-watering fulfilling. They can have creative combination of flavours that blows your taste buds. If that tickles your fancy, please give my pizzas a try.

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