About the author

My name is Phuong Tran aka Stephanie. I am born and raised Vietnamese that is currently residing in the lovely city of Brisbane, Australia for my degree in Media and Communication.

I am a foodie, a travel enthusiast, a freestyle photographer. I love trying new dishes, learning about languages and cultures. Because you only live once, you better live it with all your heart or don’t do anything at all. For that, my personal motto is: Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost.

About the blog

The blog name was originally going to be ‘stephaniethekat’, which is the combination of my name and my nickname. But it was sadly taken so I chose to add a little ‘t’ to it and voila, we have our blog!

This blog is a place for me to write about my thoughts on my daily life. As that I am a foodie to the core, you would expect to find heaps of entries on food and places to eat here. You can also find here my thoughts on my pizza mogul brand #ExplosionOfFlavours. Bunch of mouth-watering food photos ahead! You have been warned.

All photos you find in this blog are taken by me unless stated otherwise.

_  Stephanie  _


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