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I heard of Mos Burger for a white but yet have the chance to try it out. Probably because of my crazy busy life as a uni student though. There is a store right on the Adelaide street where I walked on countless times but I never once stopped to try. I think this is partly because I developed some sort of phobia with greasy burgers when fastfood giants like McDonald’s, Hungry Jack’s (Burger King), KFC can be seen at every street corner. Whenever I heard the word ‘burger’, a mental image of a huge, can’t-be-any-more-greasy burger pops out in my head and effectively kills my appetite. I blame them for my lateness of trying Mos Burger, damn you! Man, I have no idea what I have been missing out.  

I went out with my friend yesterday, and we were kind of wandering around Brisbane CBD. Watching movies, catching up,…god knows how long we haven’t seen each other. After a long day we went to grab something for dinner. It’s kind of difficult to find a place that suits both of us though, as my friend is vegetarian and I am a carnivore. We wanted to have some pizza at the New York Slice Pizzeria but we couldn’t have it so we just walked around, finding some interesting place to go in. In our hunger, the Mos Burger green banner seemed curiously appealing. We decided to give it a try, for that we got a pleasant surprise.

Walking though the door, you would find the inside quite warm and cosy with small tables down stair. The staffs were welcoming and friendly enough that made our ordering experience a easy one. We ordered two burgers to take away and we got them after 5 minutes, impressive. Now, moving on to the burger break down.

My friend ordered a Mos Burger’s Vegetable Croquette Burger which is one of three vegetarian choices they have (Veggie Kinpira, Oyster Mushroom, but these are rice burger though). Her burger looked cute lol.


Vegetable Croquette Burger $3.40

The burger was quite a good combination of potato croquette, shredded cabbage and katsu sauce. The delicious, tangy katsu sauce was put on top of the croquette as well as the shredded cabbage. What my friend liked about the burger though, is it layered textual. The sotfness of the bun, the crunchy freshness of cabbage, and the crispy yet creamy of the croquette. Add the sauce to the mix and you would throw any thoughts of diet over the window to munch on this mighty goodness.

As I mentioned before, I am not a big fan of vegetarian and a self-proclaimed carnivore. I chose a Premium Wagyu Burger – Wagyuworks is what they call it.


Wagyuworks – Premium Wagyu Burger $8.95

The burger was bigger than I thought, but not that gigantic American burger to you. For the meaty side, You can find inside a Wagyu beef patty (ultra high quality they say), a slide of bacon, a fried egg. They included a slide of beetroot beside the usual lettuce, an interesting sweetness though. However, this slide of beetroot can be very watery and leak pinky water everywhere if you’re not careful. I ordered my burger without cheese so it was not greasy at all. For those who love a cheesy burger, you can choose to order Wagyuworks Cheese. Overall, despite its rather unruly look, it tasted surprisingly good. The beef patty was juicy and well favoured. I thought the egg and the bacon would mess up the flavours, but they didn’t! The sweetness of beetroot and the burger sauce balanced everything perfectly.


Wagyworks – Premium Wagyu Burger $8.95

For the price of $8.95 for the Wagyuworks and $3.40 for the Vegetable Croquette Burger. Mos Burger is a decent choice when you want to grab some quick lunch for just under $10. Mos Burger does have happy hour special between 2:30 to 5 pm Monday to Friday where you can get a burger and a drink from $5.95. For more information you can check out their Facebook page Here. Overall, it is quite a good place to grab a non-greasy burger for me. I would go back there and try their prawn burger sometimes though, it just tickles my fancy.